Point Pro POVCW01 stick vacuum cleaner
Stick Vacuums, Handheld Vacuums and Steam Mop

Lightweight and efficient stick vacuum cleaner with a touch screen and mop function

  • Mopping function included
  • Hygienic HEPA filter
  • Dust container capacity 650 ml
  • Battery capacity 2500 mAh and 45 min
  • Three power settings
  • Touch screen
  • Power 450 W, weight 1,8 kg
  • Pleasant sound level 78 dB(A)

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POINT PRO POVCW01 is a versatile and cordless stick vacuum cleaner with many features that make the cleaning of your home easier. The stick vacuum cleaner comes with several different nozzles, from which you can choose the right one for each purpose. You can vacuum and wash the floors at the same time thanks to the mopping function, and the quadruple filtration system keeps the surrounding air clean. In addition to comfort and ease of use, its long stem and elegant white design bring a little luxury to your home. The stick vacuum cleaner does not have a regular dust bag at all, so it is both a convenient and more environmentally friendly choice compared to a standard vacuum cleaner.

Point stick vacuum cleaner against a living room wall next to a wooden drawer

Pleasant and easy cleaning

The vacuum cleaner's light weight of 1,8 kg allows for easy and versatile cleaning around the home. Thanks to the long stem, the stick vacuum cleaner is convenient for cleaning under beds and sofas. The included nozzles are handy to use as they can be attached directly to either the handheld vacuum cleaner or the top of the stem. A clean home is finalized by a HEPA filter, which ensures particularly hygienic indoor air.

A man vacuuming a wooden floor of a kitchen with Point stick vacuum cleaner

A convenient handheld vacuum cleaner on the stem

The stick vacuum cleaner has a convenient 2-in-1 feature, as you can remove the handheld vacuum cleaner from its stem. With a smaller handheld vacuum cleaner you can easily vacuum more difficult places, such as sofa gaps or under the mattress.

Point stick vacuum cleaner's handheld vacuum vacuumin a chair in the living room

Also includes a mopping function

POINT PRO POVCW01 is suitable for versatile use, as the vacuum cleaner can be used to clean floors as well. This handy feature saves both time and effort as you keep your home clean for longer from both dust particles and floor stains. The water tank is attached to the vacuum cleaner with a magnet.

Point stick vacuum cleaner's mopping function used on a wooden floor

Smart Display touch screen

With the smart touch screen, you can adjust the settings of the vacuum cleaner and view the battery status. This makes it easier to use, as all the functions of the vacuum cleaner can be adjusted from one place.

A close-up picture of Point stick vacuum cleaner's screen

Accessory charging stand for storage

With the separately bought charging stand, you can place the vacuum cleaner anywhere you want. In the charging stand you can store and charge the vacuum cleaner, and you can always grab it to use with a fully charged battery.

Point stick vacuum cleaner's charger held in a person's hand

Nozzles included in the package:

Motorized brush

The motorized brush efficiently collects dust and dirt from the floor. Cleaning is also facilitated by a LED light on the nozzle, which allows you to use the vacuum cleaner even in low light.

XL flexible crevice nozzle

The included large flexible crevice nozzle makes it easier to reach small, narrow and hard-to-reach places that are otherwise difficult to access.

Mini electrobrush

The mini electrobrush enables easier cleaning of various textiles, such as mattresses and sofas, as well as dust.

Multi-use brush

The multi-use brush works especially well for vacuuming furniture and more sensitive surfaces. It allows you to conveniently vacuum soft furniture as well as tables and bookshelves.

Point stick vacuum cleaner's accessories on a wooden floor

5 year warranty

We at Point want to offer sustainable quality far into the future. High-quality and long-lasting products lessen the overconsumption of resources as well as offer real peace of mind to their owners. It is because of this that Point offers a five-year warranty to its small household appliances. You recognize the five-year warranty from the badge visible on the product page.

Features vaccuum

  • Bagless Yes
  • Detachable hand vacuum cleaner Yes
  • Dust container capacity (milliliter) 650 milliliter
  • Filter HEPA
  • Mopping No

Included vaccuum

  • Accessories included Crevice tool
  • Accessories included Floor nozzle
  • Accessories included Furniture brush
  • Accessories included Turbo brush

Power and battery vaccuum

  • Battery capacity 2500 mAh
  • Battery capacity in minutes 45 minute
  • Battery indicator Yes
  • Battery powered Yes
  • Chargeable Yes
  • Type of battery Li-ion

Technical features vaccuum

  • Effect 450 W
  • Noise level (dB) 78 dBA
  • Number of settings 3 items
  • Speed adjustment Yes


  • Primary color White