Point Orbit One robotic vacuum cleaner

Cleaning our house can be sort of dull and time consuming, right? That is why we took a different approach and have made cleaning the floors of your home as straightforward and thorough as possible. Enter Point Orbit One – the modern, easy-to-use and effortless robot vacuum cleaner with an advanced, automatic emptying station. Day and night, Orbit One navigates from room to room keeping all the floor surfaces clean from dust and mud stains, doing all the hard work for you. This clever apparatus fits perfectly into the Nordic lifestyle, helping you you’re your space and indoor air clean all year round. Orbit One makes the cleaning fun and your life easier, literally.

Robotic Vacuums

A pleasant climate – no matter the season!

Living in the Nordics with four different seasons is great. But it can admittedly get both too chilly and too hot! That is why we have invested in a wide range of climate products to make your home temperature more pleasant.

Have you seen our stylish electric fireplaces? They add both heat and “hygge”! You can also warm up with our convenient fan heaters or secure a nice and steady heat with an oil-filled radiator. In summer, cool down with fans, air coolers or a portable air condition. Point makes life easier - and more pleasant!


Premium, logoless design

Are you planning your new dream kitchen? Or maybe you want to upgrade your current one? Then you need to know about our premium hobs, ovens, and ventilators! With a clean, high end design with no logos, they will fit seamlessly into any modern kitchen. While being in the upper segment in terms of performance and looks, these kitchen appliances have a significantly lower price than comparable products.

Large Kitchen Appliances

Innovations for everyday life!

A key part of making life easier is to stay up to date with the most recent innovations. We are always looking for ways to make our products even better. In our offering, you will find products such as our top modern floor mopping robot vacuum and our robotic lawn mower that has received incredible reviews from our customers. There is no need to do the job yourself!

Lawn Mower