Point DUSTY510WETV2 Robot vacuum cleaner
Robotic Vacuums

Thin design and modern infrared sensor guarantee smooth vacuuming and mopping

  • Vacuums and mops the floors
  • Control with an app or remote control
  • Battery capacity 2600mAh (up to 120 min)
  • Several cleaning modes and a timer function
  • Adjustable water flow and suction power up to 1600 Pa
  • Infrared sensor helps to navigate and prevents collisions
  • Very thin design and quiet sound level of only 65 dB(A)
  • Includes a charging dock and several accessories

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Do you wish for a robot vacuum cleaner that makes it easy to keep your home clean? The stylishly thin and versatile POINT DUSTY501WETV2 robot vacuum cleaner both vacuums and mops the floors of your home almost silently with a sound level of only 65 decibels. By connecting the robot vacuum cleaner to the smartphone app, you get access to even more customizable settings, or you can conveniently control the vacuum cleaner with a remote control. The vacuum cleaner also returns to the charging station when the battery runs out or the cleaning function ends, and you can choose the most suitable option from several cleaning programs.

A black Point robotic vacuum cleaner placed on top of a brown carpet next to a black remote control

Excellent suction power for all floor surfaces

The robot vacuum cleaner has a high suction power of up to 1600 Pa, which enables thorough cleaning of all floor surfaces in the home. The device is suitable for vacuuming for example wood, tile and stone floors, and its high suction power also guarantees deep cleaning for carpets. In addition, the height of the robot vacuum cleaner is only 7,4 cm, thanks to which it can perfectly clean even lower areas, such as under beds and sofas, and it crosses thresholds up to 1,5 cm high.

A black Point robotic vacuum cleaner vacuuming a light brown carpet next to white kitchen chairs and white kitchen cabinets on the background

Also suitable for mopping the floors

When the floors in your home need washing instead of vacuuming, you can use the mopping function of the robot vacuum cleaner. The mopping feature is very easy to turn on: fill the water tank with water, place the mop cloth in place on the mop plate and turn on the robot vacuum cleaner! The mop is reusable, so you can clean it after use and use it again the next time you clean.

A black Point robotic vacuum cleaner mopping a light colored wood floor of crumbles

Sensors protect against collisions and falls

Both an infrared sensor and a pressure-sensitive bumper are located in the front bumper of the robot vacuum cleaner, which together protect the vacuum cleaner from collisions. The probes measure distances with the help of infrared sensors, which detect walls and other obstacles effectively and help the robot vacuum move smoothly around, for example, furniture. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner has a separate anti-falling sensor at the bottom, which prevents it from falling, for example, into the stairs during cleaning.

A black Point robot vacuum cleaner scanning a grey floor with it's blue laser showing on front of the device

Choose the most suitable cleaning mode for the situation

The DUSTY501WET robot vacuum cleaner contains several different cleaning functions that you can turn on either with the remote control or from the app. In automatic cleaning mode, the vacuum cleaner cleans the entire apartment in a zigzag pattern and returns to the charging dock after cleaning. In spot cleaning, the robot vacuum cleans a certain floor area in a spiral motion, and in edge cleaning, it goes through the edges of fixed objects such as walls and furniture and then returns to the charging dock. If you wish, you can also select a manual mode through the app, which allows you to direct the device exactly where you want.

A woman sitting on a white couch in a living room and pointing the Point Dusty vacuum cleaner with a remote control and the vacuum cleaner is on a pink carpet

Various adjustments guarantee an even more comfortable user experience

In addition to the cleaning modes, you can also make other important adjustments to the robot vacuum cleaner you have purchased. With the timer function, you can set the cleaning to a certain time of the day for up to seven days, and by selecting the silent mode, your robot vacuum works almost inconspicuously without making any sound signals. You can also set either a high, low or medium level for the water flow while mopping, and set the suction power to a strong, normal or quiet level. The battery lasts about 90–120 minutes, depending on the used suction power, and the 2600 mAh battery takes 5–6 hours to fully charge.

A picture of a black Point Dusty robot vacuum cleaner mopping the white tile floors in a bathroom with a text about its water flow adjustment

Control with the remote control or the app

The package includes a handy remote control, which makes it easy to control the robot vacuum even from a long distance. With the remote control, you can easily control the direction of the vacuum cleaner's cleaning path, start different cleaning modes, adjust the suction power and the amount of water flow, start and stop cleaning, and direct the robot vacuum cleaner back to the charging dock. Alternatively, you can adjust the desired cleaning program and other settings on your smartphone via the Smart Life application. You can connect the application to the robot vacuum cleaner using your home's Wi-Fi connection.

A black Point robotic vacuum cleaner vacuuming a light brown carpet next to a white couch with a black dog on it staring at the vacuum cleaner and a black remote control on the right side of the picture

Several accessories for versatile use

The package contains several different accessories which mean you can start enjoying and using your new robot vacuum cleaner immediately. In addition to the vacuum cleaner itself, the package includes four side brushes, HEPA filter, a remote control and its batteries, combined dustbin and water tank, one mop cloth, one cleaning tool and a mains adapter. You’ll also get a charging dock, where you can both charge the robot vacuum cleaner and store it, for example in the corner of the kitchen, waiting for the next cleaning.

A picture of a black Point Dusty robot vacuum cleaner and it's blue mop cloth being attached to it's bottom in a white bathroom

5 year warranty

We at Point want to offer sustainable quality far into the future. High-quality and long-lasting products lessen the overconsumption of resources as well as offer real peace of mind to their owners. It is because of this that Point offers a five-year warranty to its small household appliances. You recognize the five-year warranty from the badge visible on the product page.

Charging station features

  • Charging dock depth 147 mm
  • Charging dock height 156 mm
  • Charging dock width 85 mm
  • Self emptying station No
  • Water refilling No

Features vaccuum robot

  • Bagless Yes
  • Calender function Yes
  • Carpet detection while mopping No
  • Carpet detection while vaccuuming No
  • Dust container capacity (milliliter) 250 milliliter
  • Filter HEPA
  • Mopping Yes
  • Recommended cleaning area 120 square meter
  • Remote control Yes
  • Timer Yes
  • Water container capacity_milliliter 230 milliliter

Power and battery vaccuum

  • Battery capacity 2600 mAh
  • Battery capacity in hours (up to) 2 Hours
  • Battery capacity in minutes 120 minute
  • Battery powered Yes
  • Chargeable Yes
  • Continues cleaning after charging Yes
  • Recharge time in hours 6 Hours
  • Type of battery Li-ion
  • Type of charging cable Charging dock
  • Type of power cable Power adapter

Smart home

  • Smart home technology Wi-Fi

Technical robot vaccuum

  • Automatic programs Yes
  • Doorstep max height 15 mm
  • Effect 28 W
  • Noise level (dB) 65 dBA
  • Number of side brushes 4 items


  • Primary color Black