Regular Corded Vacuums

Very efficient vacuum cleaner that cleans all the surfaces in your home quickly and easily

  • Powerful 700 W motor
  • Low noise level of 70 dB(A)
  • Cleaning range: 10 m
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Gentle parquet nozzle for hard floors
  • Additional nozzles are stored inside the vacuum cleaner
  • The height of lockable telescopic tube is easily adjusted
  • Digital control panel for easy speed setting

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Powerful Point PRO54GR vacuum cleaner is the answer for all the vacuuming needs in your home! With the vacuum cleaner you vacuum your home quietly and effortlessly. The long reach, the spacious dust bag and the washable EPA filter offer the much-needed easiness for vacuuming, and it no longer feels heavy or time-consuming.

Powerful and washable EPA filter

The EPA filter of the vacuum cleaner is washable, so you can easily clean it whenever necessary. Effective filter does not allow dust particles to return to the room air during vacuuming, and the breathable air always remains clean and safe.

Very quiet vacuuming

Super silence technology offers quiet and peaceful cleaning. The sound level of the vacuum cleaner is 70 dB(A), so you can vacuum without disturbing others.

Easy buttons for adjusting suction power

With the digital control panel on the vacuum cleaner, you can easily control the suction power with the simple + and - buttons. In this way, the suction power always corresponds to each need and you adjust it effortlessly even while vacuuming.

The long range saves time and effort

The cleaning reach of the vacuum cleaner is 10 meters, so you can vacuum the large area at once without the need to change the electric cord to a different socket during cleaning.

Spacious dust container

The capacity of the dust bag is very spacious three liters, so you don't have to change the dust bag too often.

Easy to move on all surfaces

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with soft plastic wheels that allow you to move the vacuum cleaner easily and carefree without any damage to the floor surface.

Versatile nozzles for all your needs

You can easily adjust the floor nozzle by pressing the button with your foot, making it suitable for both carpets and floors. In addition, you have a crevice nozzle that easily squeezes the narrowest spots, such as corners and baseboards. With a round brush, you can effectively vacuum dust off the furniture. You easily store the nozzles inside the vacuum cleaner, making them easy to get in use whenever you need.

Gentle parquet nozzle for hard floor surfaces

You will also get a special parquet nozzle that is particularly suitable for vacuuming hard floors thanks to its soft brushes. Gentle brush effectively prevents parquet from scratching.

Well reachable tube with telescopic adjustment

You can Swap the nozzles easily and snap them tightly in place thanks to the click system on the tube. Adjust the length of the metal tube comfortably and extend it to reach easily to clean under furniture.


  • Material Plastic
  • Material Steel
  • Secondary colors Black
  • Primary color Grey

Features vaccuum canister

  • Automatic cable winder Yes
  • Bag indicator Yes
  • Bagless No
  • Cable length 7 meter
  • Dust capacity 3 liter
  • Dustbag SZ4000
  • Filter EPA
  • Filtration grade HEPA 12 (E12)
  • HEPA-filter Indikator No
  • Radius of action 9 meter

Included vaccuum

  • Accessories included Crevice tool
  • Accessories included Floor brush
  • Accessories included Floor nozzle
  • Accessories included Furniture brush
  • Accessories included Furniture nozzle
  • Accessories included Parquet nozzle
  • Accessories included Telescope tube

Technical vaccuum canister

  • Motor effect 700 W
  • Motor filter Yes
  • Noise level (dB) 70 dBA
  • Speed adjustment Yes