Point Tornado filter

Washable HEPA filter maintains high suction power of Point Tornado

  • For Point Tornado
  • Efficient HEPA filter
  • Durable and washable
  • Captures even smallest particles
  • Removes allergens from indoor air
  • Maintains reliable suction power

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The Point Tornado filter ensures your Point Tornado handheld vacuum cleaner delivers excellent results time after time. This high-efficiency HEPA filter captures even the finest particles, providing superior dust and allergen control for a healthier home environment. Designed for convenience, the filter is washable, making maintenance easy. Regular cleaning and reuse of the filter maintains strong suction and extends the life of your vacuum cleaner. Keep your Point Tornado handheld vacuum cleaner performing at its best with the replaceable filter.

Vaccuum accessories compatibility

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  • Vaccuum compatibility Point Tornado