Point Poroclean Robot Floor Wash 500ml

Brings a fresh scent to your home while the robot vacuum cleaner mops up stains from the floors

  • For all mopping robot vacuum cleaners
  • Helps remove stains
  • Suitable for hard floors
  • Not suitable for untreated wooden floors
  • Spreads a fresh scent in your home
  • Mix 5 ml of detergent with 100 ml of water
  • Package size 500 ml

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Point POROCLEAN robot vacuum cleaner floor washing detergent makes the floors of your home especially clean and shiny. The floor washing detergent is suitable for all robot vacuum cleaners with a mopping function, and with it stains come off the floors faster and easier. This way you can enjoy a particularly fresh smell and clean floors even when using a robot vacuum cleaner!

A proper mixture for hard floors

The washing detergent is suitable for use on hard floors, such as laminate, tiles, treated wooden floors and linoleum. Please note that it is not suitable for untreated wooden floors. The appropriate ratio for the solution is 5 ml of the mixture to 100 ml of water, after which you can pour the solution directly into the water tank of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Vaccuum accessories compatibility

  • Type of vacuum accessory Cleaning agent


  • Primary color No Color