Point ORBIT ONE ORBITONEKIT2 accessory kit, black

The extra brushes for the robot vacuum cleaner suit different surfaces

  • For Point Orbit One robot vacuum cleaner
  • Two side brushes and one main brush
  • Thorough vacuuming throughout home
  • Main brush is suitable for different floor surfaces
  • Reach every corner with side brushes
  • Maintain cleaning power of robot vacuum cleaner effortlessly

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The Point Orbit One ORBITONEKIT2 accessory kit keeps the robot vacuum cleaner always ready for cleaning your home. By regularly cleaning and replacing the brush parts of the vacuum cleaner with new ones, your home will remain sparkling clean after each vacuuming.

Effective vacuuming also on carpets

The robot vacuum cleaner's main roller brush enables thorough vacuuming on all floor surfaces in the home. From the tile floor in the kitchen to the linoleum in the hallway and the carpets in the living room, the main brush leaves only a clean floor behind. The accessory kit contains one main brush, which should be replaced approximately every six months, depending on use.

Thorough vacuuming up to the corners

The two side brushes of the robot vacuum cleaner ensure that dust and debris are vacuumed even from the farthest corner of the room. The rotating side brushes are easy to clean after use with the cleaning brush that comes with the robot vacuum cleaner. The accessory kit contains two replaceable side brushes.

Vaccuum accessories compatibility

  • Type of vacuum accessory Brush
  • Vaccuum compatibility Point Orbit One


  • Primary color Black