The replaceable dust bags and filter help you to maintain a clean and hygienic indoor air

  • For Point Orbit One robot vacuum cleaner
  • Two 3 L dust bags and one HEPA filter
  • Clean and fresh indoor air at home
  • Volume of dust bag for emptying station 3 L
  • HEPA filter filtration efficiency 99,97 %
  • Maintain cleaning power of robot vacuum cleaner effortlessly

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The Point Orbit One ORBITONEKIT1 accessory kit contains tools to ensure fresh indoor air at home. The spacious dust bags and an efficient HEPA filter are especially suitable for the home of a user who reacts easily to dry indoor air.

Effective indoor air filtration

The HEPA filter in the accessory package makes the robot vacuum a great choice, especially for allergy sufferers and those suffering from dry indoor air. The HEPA filter, which filters up to 99,97 % of harmful small particles in the indoor air, is good to change regularly to guarantee clean indoor air. The accessory package contains one HEPA filter

Effortless emptying station

The large three-liter dust bags for the emptying station of the robot vacuum cleaner make the station almost maintenance-free. The spacious dust bag does not need to be emptied immediately after the first vacuuming, leaving more time to enjoy a clean home. The accessory package contains two three-liter dust bags for the emptying station of the Orbit One robot vacuum cleaner.

Vaccuum accessories compatibility

  • Type of vacuum accessory Dust bags
  • Type of vacuum accessory Filter
  • Vaccuum compatibility Point Orbit One


  • Primary color White