Point Orbit One HEPA filter

Ensure your indoor air is as fresh as possible by replacing the HEPA filter regularly

  • For Point Orbit One robot vacuum cleaner
  • Replaceable HEPA filter
  • Maintains clean and fresh indoor air
  • Filtration rate up to 99,97%
  • Washable filter has longer service life
  • Filters pollen, bacteria and dust from indoor air

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Especially suitable for allergic households, the Point Orbit One ORBITONEHF HEPA filter keeps the indoor air in your home fresh and clean of harmful small particles. The HEPA filter filters up to 99,97 % of the dust, bacteria and pollen out of the indoor air. To ensure clean indoor air, the filter should be replaced regularly. You can also wash the filter between the filter changes to extend its lifespan. The package includes one HEPA filter for the Point Orbit One robot vacuum cleaner.

Vaccuum accessories compatibility

  • Type of vacuum accessory Filter
  • Vaccuum compatibility Point Orbit One


  • Primary color White