Point DUSTY800+ battery

Gives power for the Point Dusty800+ robot vacuum cleaner for over 3 hours

  • Capacity 5200 mAh, 14.4V
  • Up to 200 minutes of usage time
  • For Point Dusty800+ robot vacuum
  • Ensures excellent performance of the vacuum cleaner
  • Easy to install
  • One Li-ion battery in the package

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The lithium-ion battery is the official accessory of the POINT DUSTY800+ robot vacuum cleaner, thanks to which you can continue the cleaning a little longer! The spare battery has a capacity of 5200 mAh, which enables up to 200 minutes of continuous cleaning. The battery is easy to install, and you can trust it to take care of the excellent performance of your robot vacuum cleaner.

Vaccuum accessories compatibility

  • Type of vacuum accessory Battery
  • Vaccuum compatibility Point Dusty800+


  • Primary color Blue