Point DUSTY700 accessory kit

Accessory kit contains replaceable parts for the Point Dusty700 robotic vacuum cleaner

  • 4 pcs of side brushes
  • 2 pcs of HEPA filters
  • 2 pcs of exhaust filters
  • Compatible with Point Dusty700 robotic vacuum cleaner

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The comprehensive Point accessory kit includes four interchangeable side brushes, two HEPA filters and two exhaust air filters suitable for use with Point Dusty700 robotic vacuum cleaners. The side brushes thoroughly clean the edges and corners. Filters guarantee a better cleaning result and cleaner room air when you replace them often enough. Optimal filtration reduces the amount of dust, pollen and allergens in your home. At the same time, regular replacement of parts extends the life of the robotic vacuum cleaner.


  • Primary color Grey