Point DUSTY510WET Mop cloth

For soft and efficient mopping of floors for the Point DUSTY510WET robot vacuum cleaner

  • One mop cloth in the package
  • For soft mopping of floors
  • For POINT DUSTY510WET robot vacuum
  • Removes dirt and stains from floors
  • Washable and reusable

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The mop cloth is an official accessory of the POINT DUSTY510WET robot vacuum cleaner, which makes cleaning the floors smooth and gentle. The soft mop cloth is easy to place on the mop plate at the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner and remove after mopping, and they smoothly remove stains and dirt from the floors. The mop is reusable, so after use it can be cleaned, dried and left waiting for the next cleaning. Mop cloths are recommended to be changed regularly to keep the performance of the vacuum cleaner excellent. One mop cloth is included in the package.

Vaccuum accessories compatibility

  • Type of vacuum accessory Mop cloth
  • Vaccuum compatibility Point DUSTY510WET


  • Primary color Blue