Point DUSTY510WET Cleaning brush

Cleans even the smallest crevices of the robot vacuum cleaner from dust and debris

  • Clean the robot vacuum and accessories
  • Maintains good performance of vacuum
  • For POINT DUSTY510WET robot vacuum
  • Lightweight and small in size
  • Package includes one cleaning brush

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The cleaning brush is an official accessory of the POINT DUSTY510WET robot vacuum cleaner, which you can use to effortlessly remove dirt, dust and debris from the vacuum cleaner and its various accessories. You can use the cleaning brush, for example, to remove debris from the HEPA filter and other tight crevices. The compact brush is handy to store in, for example, a cleaning cabinet, and it helps the robot vacuum cleaner maintain its excellent performance for much longer. The package contains one cleaning brush.

Vaccuum accessories compatibility

  • Type of vacuum accessory Other accessories
  • Vaccuum compatibility Point DUSTY510WET


  • Primary color Black