Point DUSTY510WET accessories' giftbox

Excellent accessory package for maintaining the Point DUSTY510WET robot vacuum cleaner

  • Accessory kit for a robot vacuum
  • Excellent care for the vacuum cleaner
  • For POINT DUSTY510WET robot vacuum
  • 1 x HEPA filter, 2 x side brush, 2 x mop cloth

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In this versatile giftbox you will find several accessories for the maintenance of the POINT DUSTY510WET robot vacuum cleaner. The package contains a total of two side brushes, two mop cloths and one HEPA filter. By changing the accessories for the robot vacuum cleaner regularly, you ensure its excellent and optimal operation.

  • The right and left side brushes help the robot vacuum to clean even the smallest debris and dust from the floors of your home.
  • Durable mop cloths gently remove stains and dirt from floors during mopping. The soft mop cloths are placed on the mop plate located at the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • The HEPA filter ensures good indoor air in your home by filtering not only dust but also bacteria and pollen from the air. Please note that it is recommended to change the HEPA filter every 3 months to guarantee the best indoor air.

Vaccuum accessories compatibility

  • Type of vacuum accessory Brush
  • Type of vacuum accessory Filter
  • Type of vacuum accessory Mop cloth
  • Vaccuum compatibility Point DUSTY510WET


  • Primary color Black