Toasters and Waffle Makers
Everything gets better when heated!

At least almost anything. Such as a sandwich, be it plain ham and cheese, or loaded with avocadoes, tomatoes, and pesto, toasted in the sandwich grill. A classic after school snack, but also an easy meal for grownups. With a sandwich grill from Point, you’ll get all you need to make these tasty meals and treats.

Not much beats the smell of fresh waffles! If you love waffles but want to eat healthy, you can easily make more nutritious batter with ingredients such as oats and bananas. No matter your preference, you can find a good waffle maker from Point. 

If your bread is getting a little dry, or you keep it slices in the freezer, toasting is the perfect way to make it fresh and ready to eat. Point has several toaster variants, all with top features for a good price.