Point Pro POVS220S vacuum sealer
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High quality vacuum sealer for dry and liquid foods

  • Suction capacity 16 L/min
  • Maximum width 28 cm
  • Keep food fresh longer
  • Smart touch buttons
  • For vacuum bags and rolls
  • For liquid and dry foods
  • Outlet for vacuum canisters
  • Easy to use and clean

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Point POVS220S is a high quality, easy-to-use vacuum sealer for dry and liquid foods. The double-seal design increases vacuum resistance.

Maintain the freshness of the food

Vacuum sealing system removes the air of the stored food. It extends the freshness and quality of the food stored in the refrigerator or freezer. In addition, you reduce waste, plan your grocery purchasing better and make your food budget go further.

Easy to use control panel

You can easily adjust vacuum sealers functions from the control panel on the device. You can choose a low vacuum pressure for moist food and a higher vacuum for dry and solid products.

Compatible with Point vacuum plastic bags

You can use the Point series vacuum bags S (22 cm) and M (28 cm) with your device. If you want, you can decide the size of the vacuum you make by using plastic rollers, which are also available in two widths S (22cm) and L (28cm).

Works with vacuum seal canisters

There is also a separate outlet for the separately sold canister set, which allows you to remove air from the canisters and store food safely for extended periods of time.


  • Material Plastic
  • Material Steel
  • Secondary colors Black
  • Primary color Steel

Function Vacuum Sealer

  • Functions 5
  • Max bag width (mm) 300 mm
  • Number of buttons 5
  • Removable vacuum Yes
  • Sealing type (mm) 3 mm
  • Single / Double pump Single
  • Suction capasity L/min 16 Liter/Minute
  • Vacuum Pressure (bar) -.8 bar
  • Width of the sealing line (mm) 3 mm
  • With Cutter Yes
  • With Roll storage No