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An easy-to-use food dehydrator for drying berries, fruits, and mushrooms, for instance

  • Powerful dehydrator 350 W
  • Temperature range 40–70 °C
  • Timer for 1-48 hours
  • Digital display
  • Easy-to-use four-button menu
  • Five levels - diameter 32.5 cm
  • Anti-slip feet

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With the Point POFDH001W food dehydrator, you can easily prepare nutrient-rich fruit snacks in your own kitchen, as well as camping dishes that go pack into a small space, as well as tasty beef jerky dry meats.

Food dehydrator filled with fruit

Countless possibilities

The compact POINT POFDH001W food dehydrator is a great help for creating healthy snacks and preserving forest goods such as berries and mushrooms. Many of us preserve berries and mushrooms for the winter by freezing, but by using the dehydrator instead you preserve the aroma and nutrients of the ingredients even more effectively. Additionally, the storage space required decreases significantly as a result. No preservatives or spices are used in the drying process, which preserves the natural taste of the food.

Orange slices in a food dehydrator

Only your imagination is the limit of what you can dry in the Point POFDH001W food dehydrator. The most popular options are various berries, fruits, mushrooms, and meat. On the other hand, it is also possible to dry root vegetables, various purees, and liquid ingredients such as eggs. If you enjoy hiking, you can prepare tasty camping dishes that pack into a small space after being processed the dryer. Almost anything can be dried in a food dryer, except for greasy food, as the fat does not dry out. It is important to remember to chop evenly sized pieces from the ingredients so that they dry on the same schedule.

Cherry tomatoes and basil in food dehydrator

Easy to use

The Point POFDH001W food dehydrator has a digital display that makes it easy to monitor the remaining time and temperature of the dryer. You can schedule the dryer timer for up to two days, which makes it easy to use it at night, for example. The simple four-button menu is very easy to use. You can also use the buttons to adjust the correct temperature on a scale of 40 to 70 °C. As a rule of thumb, vegetables and fruits are dried at about 50 °C, finer ingredients such as herbs at 40-50 °C and meat at 60-70 °C.

Dried tomatoes in a jar


  • Effect 350 W


  • Primary color White


  • Download manual 1: here
  • Download manual 2: here
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