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Perfekte egg - hver gang

  • For up to six eggs
  • Very easy to use
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Equipped with timer and rotary switch
  • Choose soft, normal or hard-boiled eggs
  • Light and voice indicator when the eggs are ready
  • Measure correct amount of water with the supplied measuring cup
  • Measuring cup is equipped with an egg punch

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Point POEB30S egg cooker is a dream come true for everyone who loves boiled eggs! The egg cooker makes your mornings easier and you can prepare 1-6 just perfectly cooked eggs, without having to count the time and watch over the boiling pot. Cooking with the egg cooker will always give you evenly boiled eggs with the perfect hardness you want, effortlessly and quickly. At the meantime you also avoid breaking the eggs.


Always perfectly cooked eggs

You can choose exactly the hardness you want for eggs in three hardness levels: soft, medium and hard. The egg cooker automatically calculates the appropriate time based on the water filled and the selected program.


Compact size and easy to maintain

The small egg boiler takes up little space in the kitchen, so it can be safely stored at the kitchen level or hidden in a cupboard. However, with a six-egg cooker, you can cook eggs for a bigger family at once.


Easy rotary switch for hardness selection

The appropriate degree of hardness is selected by rotary switch at the end of the device, which scale is divided into three areas marked by symbols. You can use it to choose soft, normal or hard-boiled eggs.


How do you use an egg boiler?

The appropriate amount of water to cook eggs depends on the number of eggs and the desired hardness. You can easily measure just the right amount with the supplied measuring cup.

Before adding eggs, insert a hole into the blunt end of the eggs using the egg punch on the bottom of the measuring cup. Making a hole prevents the eggs from breaking during cooking.

Place the eggs in the egg holder with the blunt end facing up.

Based on the water being filled and the setting you select, the machine automatically boils eggs at the right time and indicates with alarm and switches itself off when the eggs are ready. Perfectly cooked eggs will be ready for you at your breakfast table!



  • Material Plastic
  • Material Steel
  • Secondary colors Black
  • Primary color Steel


  • Download manual 1: here
  • Download manual 2: here
  • Download manual 3: here
  • Download manual 4: here
  • Download manual 5: here