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Adjust the versatile settings from the size of the bread to how crispy you would like the crust

  • Power 550 W
  • 12 preset programs
  • Timer for up to 13 h
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Maximum capacity 900 g
  • 1 h keep-warm function after cooking
  • Choose correct color for bread crust from 3 options
  • Remembers settings for 10 minutes

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Enjoy patisserie quality bread and delicacies at home easily with the Point POBM400GS bread machine. The machine's preset programs do the work for you, and all you need to do is choose the high-quality ingredients and enjoy the delicious results. The bread machine is a real help for the whole household because you can also use it for pastries, jams, and marmalades, as well as gluten-free doughs.

An all-round help in the kitchen

The 12 automatic programs enable kneading, raising, and baking both savory and sweet doughs. In addition to traditional bread dough, the options include programs for kneading, raising, and baking gluten-free dough, pizza dough and whole wheat bread. The bread machine also suitable for cooking jams and marmalades. More detailed descriptions of automatic programs can be found in the instruction manual.

Timer and control panel for simple use

On the easy-to-use control panel, you will find the keys needed to make bread, as well as a list of preset programs. With the "Menu" button you select the right program, with the "Color" button you select the desired color for the bread crust. After selecting these, you can use the "+/-" keys to schedule the preparation every 10 minutes up to 13 hours away. This way you can wake up on your day off to the delicious smell of ready-made bread.

Keep warm function for busy days

When the bread or pastries are ready, the bread machine will beep 10 times. The machine's one-hour keep-warm function ensures that you can enjoy steaming fresh bread even later. It is good to let the bread removed from the pan cool down for about 20 minutes before enjoying it.

The bread machine remembers its settings

In addition to the preset programs and the timer, you can make the bread exactly to your liking by choosing how crispy you want the crust to be. How would, for example, crispy French bread next to a soup plate on a cold winter day, or a mouthwateringly soft sandwich at the breakfast table sound? You also choose the size of the bread from the control panel, bearing in mind that the maximum capacity of the machine is 900 grams.

How to use a bread machine?

With the help of a bread machine, you can unleash your creativity and try recipes from French bread to gluten-free delicacies and sweet breads easily at home. We recommend that you follow the chosen recipe carefully, but the following order can be considered as a rule of thumb when filling the bread machine – liquid, sugar, salt, flour and lastly yeast or baking powder. You can also find more detailed help in the instruction manual.

5 year warranty

We at Point want to offer sustainable quality far into the future. High-quality and long-lasting products lessen the overconsumption of resources as well as offer real peace of mind to their owners. It is because of this that Point offers a five-year warranty to its small household appliances. You recognize the five-year warranty from the badge visible on the product page.


  • Effect 500 W


  • Primary color White


  • Download manual 1: here
  • Download manual 2: here
  • Download manual 3: here
  • Download manual 4: here
  • Download manual 5: here