Point Pro POKM67MP1800 gourmet artist kitchen machine
Kitchen Machines and Food Processors

Very powerful and stylish kitchen machine equipped with versatile accessories

  • Powerful 1800 W motor
  • 6,7 L steel bowl and 5,5 L glass bowl
  • Electronic timer
  • Stepless speed control
  • Eight speed settings
  • Package includes a blender and a meat grinder
  • Included accessories: Whisk, dough hook and mixing spatula
  • Stylish LCD display

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Point Pro POKM67MP1800 GourmetArtist is the king of kitchen machines. Thanks to the high-performance 1800-watt motor, its movement is smooth and there is enough torque for even the most demanding tasks. The machine's 6,7-liter steel bowl is one of the largest on the market. Its backlit display is user-friendly, and the buttons are clear and easy to use.

Point Pro POKM67MP1800 Gourmet Artist kitchen machine and all parts

Numerous accessories

The package includes a whisk, dough hook and K-mixer. In addition, you will receive a blender and a meat grinder. These can be connected to two accessory connectors on the device. One is on top of the machine and the other is on the front of the machine.

Point Pro POKM67MP1800 Gourmet Artist kitchen machines blender attachment
Point Pro POKM67MP1800 Gourmet Artist kitchen machines meat grinder attachment

Powerful 1800 W motor

A powerful 1800 watt motor makes the machine versatile, and smooth movement and torsion make dough preparation easier. The power also allows a larger portion of dough to be prepared at once.

Design and quality

The cast metal and stainless-steel frame is durable, which is why we grant a five-year warranty on both the device and its engine.

Point Pro POKM67MP1800 Gourmet Artist kitchen machine on the table

Two spacious bowls

The stainless-steel bowl has a capacity of 6,7 liters. In it, you can easily make, for example, 2,3 kg of dough in one go.

A 5,5-liter glass bowl is handy when it is important to see and achieve just the right color and texture during mixing to achieve the perfect result.

The included splash guard has a wide feed opening, so adding incredients is easy even during mixing and protects you from spillage. Splash guard also protects parts from dust when the device is not in use.

Point Pro POKM67MP1800 Gourmet Artist kitchen machine on the table and woman adjusting

Display and handy timer

The large display shows all the necessary information, such as the current speed and the remaining mixing time. The timer is convenient when making dough and allows the appliance to start at the desired time. The blue backlight on the screen makes the screen easy to read and clearly shows the settings.

Adjustment options

If the whisk or K-mixer is set too low or up, the mixing result is not optimal. You can easily adjust the height of the parts as needed.

Point Pro POKM67MP1800 Gourmet Artist kitchen machine close up and woman adjusting


  • Material Metal
  • Primary color Silver

Effect capasity

  • Capacity_Liter 6.7 liter
  • Maximum capacity (Kg) 2.3 Kilogram


  • Effect 1800 W