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The handy cordless mini chopper is easy to take with you anywhere

  • Rechargeable cordless mini chopper
  • Glass bowl volume 300 ml
  • Three stainless steel blades
  • 50 W motor
  • Portable, USB-C charging
  • Easy to use with one button
  • 2000 mAh battery

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The Point Pro POFC7000 cordless mini chopper shreds herbs and chops vegetables and nuts anywhere. This compact mini chopper is easy to take with you, for example, to the cabin, on trips or to use in kitchens where there are few power sockets. The high-quality 300 ml borosilicate glass bowl and stainless steel blades guarantee long-lasting and reliable use.

A picture of a black Point cordless food chopper on a wooden table filled with chopped red onions and a wooden chopping board with chopped onions, red sweet pepper and herbs next to the device

Cordless, rechargeable mini chopper

The wireless and portable design makes this mini chopper an excellent partner for creative cooking. USB-C charging allows you to use the shredder wherever you need it. The cordless mini chopper is an excellent choice for, for example, cottages or kitchens where there are few sockets.

A close-up picture of a black Point cordless food chopper with a greyish background and a white USB-C charging cable attached to the side of the device

Quality 300 ml glass bowl

The 300 ml durable borosilicate glass bowl makes food preparation even more convenient. The bowl is easy to carry anywhere and easy to clean. Three stainless steel blades guarantee efficient cutting of various raw materials.

A picture of a Point cordless food chopper on a wooden table with its lid detached and the glass bown filled with chopped red onions and more onions surrounding the device on the table

Uncomplicated cooking

With the mini chopper which works only at the push of a button, you chop the ingredients into just the right pieces for salads, sauces and various casserole meals. Chop herbs, spices, vegetables and nuts in the blink of an eye and prepare the most delicious sauces and side dishes.

A picture of a black Point cordless food chopper on a wooden table filled with chopped red onions with a light-colored kitchen in the background and a finger pressing the lid of the device

5 year warranty

We at Point want to offer sustainable quality far into the future. High-quality and long-lasting products lessen the overconsumption of resources as well as offer real peace of mind to their owners. It is because of this that Point offers a five-year warranty to its small household appliances. You recognize the five-year warranty from the badge visible on the product page.


  • Material Plastic
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Primary color Black


  • Effect 50 W


  • Download manual 1: here
  • Download manual 2: here
  • Download manual 3: here
  • Download manual 4: here
  • Download manual 5: here