Point POWK5010BK water kettle, black
Coffee Makers and Electric Kettles

The easy-to-use water kettle is an excellent addition to every kitchen

  • Volume 1,7 L
  • Power 1850–2200 W
  • Illuminated ON/OFF button
  • Transparent window and a measuring scale
  • Open the lid easily with one hand
  • Power cord storage at the bottom of the device

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The spacious Point POWK5010 is an uncomplicated water kettle for any kitchen. You can see the water you add to the water kettle directly through the transparent window and scale, so you can easily manage the amount of boiled water. Thanks to the high efficiency and the large volume of 1,7 liters, you can easily boil tea for several guests at once or prepare hot water for, for example, instant noodles.

A particularly easy-to-use water kettle

Through the transparent window, you can easily check the amount of water you add to the kettle. You can also store the power cord under the base whenever the kettle is not in use, which makes it easier to both store the device in the kitchen cabinet and move it out onto the coffee table. In addition, you can easily open the lid with just one hand by pressing the button on the handle.

Safe to use

The water kettle is equipped with safety-enhancing boil dry protection, which prevents it from turning on without any water. If there is no water in the kettle, the device will automatically switch off. The kettle also switches off automatically whenever the water has stopped boiling.

Water kettle features

  • Automatically disconnect Yes
  • Cable reeling No
  • Effect 1850 W

Water kettle technical features

  • Ajustable temperature No
  • Capacity_Liter 1.7 liter
  • Number of temperature settings 1 items
  • Water container Yes
  • Water meter Yes


  • Primary color Black