Point POMA152CF2 Charcoal filter
Ventilators and accessories

Point charcoal filter for kitchen hood removes gases and odors

  • Active carbon filter
  • Enables recirculation

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Point POMA152CF2 enables the cooker hood to function as recirculating. Activated carbon is an effective filter due to its particularly high active absorption area. When connected to a hood, the filter removes gases and odors from the air.

The filter is suitable for the following hoods:

  • SEHO1050STAW
  • SH110W20
  • POHO3050STAW
  • POHO3060STAW

Filters hood

  • Hood compatibility Point POHO3050STAW
  • Hood compatibility Point POHO3060STAW
  • Hood compatibility Senz SEHO1050STAW
  • Hood compatibility Senz SH110W20


  • Primary color Black