Point 5-series POHO5080INCB cooker hood
Ventilators and accessories

Point cooker hood with an 80-cm width and lights whose brightness can be adjusted

  • Suction power: 225–510 m³/h, boost 663 m³/h
  • Sound level: 42–58 dB(A), boost 67 dB(A)
  • Three basic power levels and boost function
  • Wall-mounted
  • Two LED lights (1,5 W) with two brightness settings
  • Digital display and easy-to-use touch controls
  • Washable aluminum grease filters
  • Carbon filter for recirculation available separately

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A beautiful black glass surface decorates the Point POHO5080INCB cooker hood. The stunning addition to your kitchen keeps the air fresh with its 85 watts of motor power while the A++ energy class ensures the appliance’s energy efficiency. Point’s seven-year warranty in turn ensures peace of mind regarding the reliable operation of the cooker hood.

Wall-mounted cooker hood

Point’s wall-mounted cooker hood has a chimney with which its overall height can be between 850-1230 mm. If you don’t want to use the cooker hood as venting, this is possible by acquiring a separately sold carbon filter. The odor-filtering filter enables the cooker hood to work as recirculating.

Front panel with a display and touch controls

The 80-cm-wide cooker hood has a stylish control panel with a display. With the touch controls you can not only control the cooker hood’s power levels, but also use its lights. The digital display on the front panel helps you follow the chosen speed setting.

Boost function increases suction power

The cooker hood has four speed settings in total to choose from. These include three basic speeds between 225 and 510 m³/h as well as an especially powerful 663 m³/h boost function. When the cooker hood has been in use for 10 minutes, its suction power lowers automatically to the third power level. The sound level in turn varies between 42–67 dB(A) depending on the chosen speed.

LED lights with adjustable brightness

Placed on the bottom of the cooker hood are two round LED lights. So when the cooker hood is installed above a hob, the lights are pointed directly where you need them. Namely to offer direct lighting on your pots and pans as you cook. You can choose one of two brightness settings depending on how bright you want the lighting to be. When you in turn don't need the lights, you can easily switch them off with the front panel’s touch controls.

Washable aluminum grease filters

Grease filters are an essential component in a cooker hood. They collect grease, smoke, and dust from the air to keep the kitchen air clean and fresh. Point’s cooker hood is therefore equipped with two five-layer grease filters that are made from aluminum and are washable. This way you can easily ensure that grease doesn’t accumulate and saturate the filters which could affect the cooker hood’s performance.

Energy label hood

  • Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 15 Kilowatt hours
  • Energy class A++
  • Fluid Dynamic Effect A
  • Grease Filtering efficiency E
  • Lighting efficiency B
  • Noise Level (dB) 58 dBA

Features hood

  • Activated carbon filter Yes, Sold separately
  • Number of speed settings 4 items
  • Roof ventilator No
  • Type of lighting LED
  • Type of ventilator Wall mounted ventilator
  • Washable grease filter Yes

Technical hood

  • Ducting Diameter 150 mm
  • Filter compatibility Point PCF125
  • Form factor 80 cm width
  • Maximum airflow: 662.9 Cubic meter/Hour
  • Minimum airflow 224.8 Cubic meter/Hour
  • Type of ventilator (2) Combined


  • Primary color Black