Point 3-series POHO3050STAW cooker hood
Ventilators and accessories

50-cm-wide Point cooker hood with easy-to-use buttons

  • Suction power: 130–199 m³/h
  • Sound level: 56–67 dB(A)
  • Three power levels
  • Mounted on wall or cabinet
  • LED light (1,5 W) on the bottom
  • Buttons for controlling the power and light
  • Washable aluminum grease filter
  • Carbon filter for recirculation available separately

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Point POHO3050STAW is a cooker hood with a classic style for your kitchen. It’s 50 cm wide and equipped with 75 watts of motor power which ensures it efficient suction power. The 7-year warranty in turn ensures peace of mind in terms of the reliable operation of the cooker hood.

Mounted on the wall or on a cabinet

Point’s stylish cooker hood can be installed either on the bottom of a cabinet or directly on a wall. Its air outlet is 150 mm in diameter. If you in turn don’t want to use the cooker hood as venting, this is possible by acquiring a separately sold carbon filter. The odor-filtering filter enables the cooker hood to work as recirculating.

Easy-to-use buttons for controlling the power and light

The cooker hood has a control panel with easy-to-use buttons. Under each button, the function corresponding with it is clearly marked with an easy-to-decipher icon. With the buttons you can not only control the cooker hood’s power levels, but also use the light.

Suitable suction power for every situation

The cooker hood has three speed settings between 130 and 199 m³/h to choose from. The lowest power level is excellent when cooking doesn’t generate much steam. Correspondingly, the highest power in turn ensures sufficiently effective ventilation when there’s a lot of smoke and steam. The middle speed is in turn enough for regular cooking.

LED lighting on the bottom

Placed on the bottom of the cooker hood is a 1,5-watt LED light. So when the cooker hood is installed above a hob, the light is pointed directly where you need it. Namely to offer direct lighting on your pots and pans as you cook. When you in turn don't need the light, you can easily switch it off with the front panel’s light button.

Washable aluminum grease filter

Grease filters are an essential component in a cooker hood. They collect grease, smoke, and dust from the air to keep the kitchen air clean and fresh. Point’s cooker hood is therefore equipped with a five-layer grease filter that is made from aluminum and is washable. This way you can easily ensure that grease doesn’t accumulate and saturate the filter which could affect the cooker hood’s performance.

Energy label hood

  • Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 43 Kilowatt hours
  • Energy class C
  • Fluid Dynamic Effect E
  • Grease Filtering efficiency D
  • Lighting efficiency A
  • Noise Level (dB) 67 dBA

Features hood

  • Activated carbon filter Yes, Sold separately
  • Number of speed settings 3 items
  • Roof ventilator No
  • Type of lighting LED
  • Type of ventilator Standard ventilator
  • Washable grease filter Yes

Technical hood

  • Ducting Diameter 150 mm
  • Filter compatibility Point POMA152CF2
  • Filter compatibility Senz SCF152
  • Form factor 50 cm width
  • Maximum airflow: 198.8 Cubic meter/Hour
  • Minimum airflow 129.7 Cubic meter/Hour
  • Type of ventilator (2) Combined


  • Primary color White