Point 5-series RS900BSN side by side
Side by Side and Combi Fridges

Spacious and elegant side by side with touch controls

  • Capacity: 338 / 182 L
  • 3D air cooling – food stays fresh
  • Ice cube maker
  • Quick frosting and cooling
  • Water dispenser with detachable 3 L tank
  • Display with touch controls
  • Dimensions: 1765 x 897 x 761 mm (HxWxD)

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Point side by side kaappi 520 litran tilavuudella

The stylish Point RS900BSN side by side combination refrigerator offers plenty of storage space for your products and a handy water dispenser. The spacious 338-liter refrigerator has sturdy door shelves, two glass shelves, and two vegetable boxes, where you can easily put plenty of products. Freezer with three glass shelves, two drawers, as well as door shelves for effortless freezing of both smaller and larger products. Fast freezing and cooling are excellent features, that are needed for example after going to the store, when new food is put into the fridge or freezer and the temperature is wanted down quickly due to the preservation of the food.

Water dispenser and ice maker

The refrigerator door has a 3 in 1 ice maker where you can get ice cubes, crushed ice and ice water. The machine is handy for making cold drinks on a hot summer day. The machine does not need a separate water connection. It has a spacious three-liter water tank, which can store a fair amount of refreshing cold water for even greater thirst. The water tank is easy to clean, since it is detachable.

Water and ice cube vending machine

3D air cooling - food stays fresh

The 3D function circulates the air in your refrigerator. Thanks to it, the food stays fresher for longer, perfectly preserving its color, shape and taste. For example, berries benefit greatly from circulating air, still tasting fresh even after refrigerated storage.

Fruit and vegetable box

Door Display

With a clear blue LED touch screen you can set and see the temperatures of the fridge and freezer easily. It allows the refrigeration unit's quick-freeze, quick-cool, holiday, and child-lock operation to be used effortlessly.

Door display

Energy efficient Inverter motor

The inverter motor is energy efficient quiet. Thanks to the motor, the refrigerator can save up to 30% energy compared to other kinds of motors. The inverter motor is very durable, retaining its power over time.

Efficient lighting

In the top of the fridge and freezer you can find powerful LED light which gives a bright light enabling you to find you products easier from the appliance.

Safety glass shelves

Seven-year guarantee

Besides stylish looks and excellent features the Pont side by side also has a seven-year warranty that guarantees you and your products carefree storage space for the coming years.


  • Display Yes
  • Inside light Yes
  • Type of thermostat Electronic
  • Primary color Blacksteel

Energy label refrigeration

  • Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 254 Kilowatt hours
  • Energy class D
  • EPREL product ID 338974
  • Freezer Capacity (l) 182 liter
  • Fridge Capacity (l) 338 liter
  • New energy label Yes
  • Noise emission class C
  • Noise Level (dB) 41 dBA

Features refrigeration

  • Airflow Multiflow
  • Alarm function at open door No
  • Automatic defrost Automatic defrosting
  • Ice machine Non-plumping
  • Type of defrost function NoFrost
  • Water dispenser Non-plumping

Gas Information

  • Gas weight (kg) .07 Kilogram
  • HFK type R-600A

Installation method

  • Ajustable feet Yes
  • Built in No
  • Turnable door No
  • Type of assembly Freestanding
  • Type of integration Not integrated


  • Bottle shelf included No
  • Fruit and vegetable drawer Yes
  • Number of freezer drawers 2 items
  • Number of freezer shelves 3 items
  • Number of fridge shelves 4 items
  • Zero Zone No

Technical features

  • Freezing capacity 12 kg/24h
  • Number of compressors 1 items