Point 3-series RFI376E combi refrigerator
Side by Side and Combi Fridges

Integrated No Frost combi refrigerator with Cold Air Flow air circulation

  • Capacity: 180 / 63 L
  • Frost Free automatic defrosting
  • Integrated with sliding hinges
  • Cold Air Flow fan
  • LED-lighting on ceiling and side walls enlightens the fridge thoroughly
  • Electronic control panel and fast cooling function
  • Sound level: 41 dB(A)
  • Assembly dimensions: 1770–1790 x 560–570 x 550–560 mm (HxWxD)

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In Point RFI376E integrated combi refrigerator you can store both fresh and frozen groceries effortlessly. Modern features air circulation and automatic defrosting improve the storage conditions and therefore extends shelf life but also add ease to the use. Integrated combi refrigerator with quality features and stylish details fits seamlessly to your home.

Cold Air Flow fan

Fridges Cold Air Flow fan circulates the air inside the refrigerator by blowing air. This way the temperature inside stays more even on all parts of the cabinet and cooling is efficient. Fan cooling system reduces harmful temperature changes so that groceries can retain their freshness for longer.

Cold Air Flow

Frost Free automatic defrosting

Automatic defrosting offers modern effortlessness to freezer storing. Thanks to it there is no ice and frost formed to the freezer or the surface of the frozen foods. It makes freezer storage extremely effortless and clean. Also, the energy consumption remains evenly low, while in traditional freezers it grows when the ice is forming to the surfaces of the freezer.

No Frost

Electronic controls behind the door

Electronic control panel is placed behind the door. It is super easy to use. You can simply adjust the temperature of the cabinet and activate the super cooling function.


Fast cooling function

When you are shopping for the whole week or cooking for a party, you can cool the foods effectively by using Super Cooling function. Activate it couple hours before placing larger groceries to the cabinet to ensure powerful cooling for them. It shuts off automatically after 5 hours for convenient use.

Super Cooling

Spacious fruit/vegetable drawer with humidity control

At the base of the fridge there is drawer for fresh fruits and vegetables. It is equipped with slider control that you can easily move to adjust the air humidity in the drawer.

  • VegeBox
  • Modern LED-lighting enlightens the whole refrigerators interior

    LED lights placed in ceiling and side walls are energy efficient and light up the whole fridge so that you can easily see the content even when the fridge is full.

Elegant details

Combi refrigerators shelves and drawers have been finished with steel lists that are not only stylish detail but also make the shelves sturdier and protect those in use.

Image of the interior details in the refrigherator

7 years warranty

We at Point want to offer sustainable quality far into the future. High-quality and long-lasting products lessen the overconsumption of resources as well as offer real peace of mind to their owners. It is because of this that Point offers a seven-year warranty to its large household appliances. You recognize the seven-year warranty from the badge visible on the product page.


  • Display No
  • Freezer location Below
  • Inside light Yes
  • Type of thermostat Electronic
  • Secondary colors Steel
  • Secondary colors White
  • Primary color Integrated

Energy label refrigeration

  • Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 218 Kilowatt hours
  • Energy class E
  • EPREL product ID 1430406
  • Freezer Capacity (l) 63 liter
  • Freezer Rating (Stars) 4 stars (****)
  • Fridge Capacity (l) 180 liter
  • New energy label Yes
  • Noise emission class C
  • Noise Level (dB) 41 dBA

Features refrigeration

  • Airflow Fan (fridge/freezer)
  • Automatic defrost Automatic defrosting
  • Fast cooling Yes
  • Type of defrost function Frost Free
  • Wi-Fi No

Gas Information

  • Gas weight (kg) .03 Kilogram
  • HFK type R-600A

Installation method

  • Built in Yes
  • Door hinges Right
  • Type of assembly Fully Integrated
  • Type of integration Sliding hinge assembly


  • Bottle shelf included No
  • Fruit and vegetable drawer Yes
  • Number of door shelves 4 items
  • Number of freezer drawers 2 items
  • Number of freezer shelves 1 items
  • Number of fridge drawers 1 items
  • Number of fridge shelves 3 items
  • Zero Zone No

Technical features

  • Aperature depth 550 mm
  • Aperature height 1770 mm
  • Aperature height max. 1790 mm
  • Aperature width 560 mm
  • Aperature width max. 570 mm
  • Cable length 3 meter
  • Freezing capacity 3.3 kg/24h
  • Number of compressors 1 items
  • Storage time by Power cut 8 Hours
  • Voltage 220 - 240 V