Point 3-series PBI75HSB integrated oven
Ovens – Built-in and Compact

Timelessly stylish one colored integrated oven with hot air and digital timer

  • 78 L oven capacity
  • Hot air function
  • Timer function
  • Softly closing oven door
  • Steel wire holders for bake plates and grille
  • Temperature range: 50–270 °C
  • Easy to use from mechanical knobs and touch-controlled timer
  • 8 + 1 versatile oven functions e.g. defrost, pizza and grill functions

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Point PBI75HS is minimalistic stylish integrated oven with hot air function. Completely one colored oven is great fit for Scandinavian simple style. Oven without a visible brand logo fits seamlessly to any kitchen. This is excellent choice if you want to have a bit better features such as convection and timer and appreciate simple yet elegant timeless design.

Elegant minimalistic design

Modern, simple look is designed to fit especially the Nordic homes. Minimalistic lines and one-colored design looks good and thanks to not visible brand logo you can combine it with other brands and still create harmonious look in your kitchen.

Spacious interior makes daily life easier

The oven has an impressive capacity of 78 liters – making it one of the largest on the market. The advantage of the large volume is the possibility to easily prepare food in several trays at the same time. The stainless-steel wire racks offer multiple height levels where you can place oven trays. The racks are also detachable for easy cleaning. The oven's generous interior is also easy to wipe clean, thanks to its box-like design.

78 liters capacity

Light steam cleaning

VapClean steam cleaning is a quick, easy and chemical-free way to keep your oven sparkling clean. To start the VapClean process, pour about 200–250 ml of water onto the oven tray, then place the tray on the bottom of the oven. Turn on the oven and set the temperature to 90 degrees Celsius, allowing the steam to work for approximately 30–60 minutes. The steam softens stubborn dirt and grease, which makes it easier to wipe the dirt away. After cleaning, leave the oven door open for about an hour. Use as needed or, for example, every month.


Oven functions

With various oven functions you can cook all dishes effortlessly from pastries to frozen foods.

  • Only light
  • Defrosting
  • Turbo function (hot air)
  • Upper and lower heating elements
  • Fan and upper and lower heating elements
  • Pizza (fan and lower heating element)
  • Grill function
  • Fast grilling (grill function and upper heating element)
  • Grill and fan

Timer helps in cooking

There is a handy digital timer that can be used three ways. As a timer only to alarm when chosen time has passed. As a timer that shuts off the oven and alarms, or to schedule the start and end of the cooking. You choose how – let the timer ease your routines.

Oven feta pasta made with ovens grill function

Softly closing oven door adds comfort to use

Thanks to softly closing door use is a lot more comfortable. It adds the feeling of quality to even those moments when your hands are full.

Door with soft closing mechanism

Practically designed oven space

Oven cavity has smooth enameled surface and detachable door glass that makes the cleaning simpler. One deep oven pan, normal bake plate and wire grill are included with the oven. Thanks to steel wire racks setting the bake plates into oven is uncomplicated.

A shallower and deeper oven tray on the table.

5 years warranty

We at Point want to offer sustainable quality far into the future. High-quality and long-lasting products lessen the overconsumption of resources as well as offer real peace of mind to their owners. It is because of this that Point offers a five-year warranty to its large household appliances. You recognize the five-year warranty from the badge visible on the product page.


  • Clock Yes
  • Display Yes
  • Inside light Yes
  • Telescope rails included No
  • Type of operating Switches
  • Type of operating Touch
  • Secondary colors Black
  • Secondary colors White
  • Primary color Black

Energy label oven

  • Energy class A
  • Energy Consumption pr. cycle - CONVENTIONAL (kWh/cycle) .93 kWh per cycle
  • Energy Consumption pr. cycle - HOT AIR (kWh/cycle) .83 kWh per cycle
  • Useable volume 78 liter

Installation method

  • Aperature depth 555 mm
  • Aperature height 600 mm
  • Aperature width 560 mm
  • Aperature width max. 580 mm

Oven features

  • Automatic programs No
  • Food probe No
  • Grill function Yes
  • Hob included No
  • Hot Air function Yes
  • Microwave function No
  • Postponed start Yes
  • Steam function No
  • Timer Yes
  • Type of self-cleaning Steam cleaning
  • Wi-Fi No

Oven technical features

  • Electrical Connection 3100 W
  • Grill effect 1400 W
  • Hot Air effect 2000 W
  • Max. oven temperature 270 °C
  • Voltage 230 V