Point ceramic hob scraper
Oven and Hob Accessories

Removes burnt food stains easily from ceramic and induction hobs

  • For ceramic and induction hobs
  • Helps to remove even sturdy stains
  • Non-scratching
  • Open and close mechanism for the blade
  • Safety lock
  • Changeable blade

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From Point’s Home&Care Collection series you can find versatile selection of useful accessories for home appliances. Hob scraper is excellent tool for removing burnt food stains from hobs. It can also be used for paint splashes or difficult stains on windows!

Cleans even burnt dirt effortlessly

Hob scraper is suitable for both, ceramic and induction hobs. It allows you to remove difficult stains effortlessly. When used by the directions it will not scratch the surface of the hob. It has simple opening and closing mechanism and safety lock features for easy and safe use.

Cleaning the hob

Start cleaning the hob only after it has cooled down. It is recommended to use clean soft cloth and a cleaning agent that is especially designed for the hob together with the scraper.

How to use:

  1. First remove all the loose dirt and food residue from the hob. Then use the hob scrapers blade for burned stains. Stains will come off and you can remove those with a cloth.
  2. When you have removed the burned stains, you can clean the hob surface by cleaning it with cloth and a cleaning agent designed for the hobs by following its instructions.
  3. Change the blade every now and then to ensure optimal performance.

NB! Do not use coarse or metallic sponges in cleaning, those can damage the hobs surface.


  • Primary color Steel