Point And Senz Full Ext. Clip On rail
Oven and Hob Accessories

Telescopic rails add ease and safety for cooking in oven

  • For one level
  • Can be pulled out completely
  • For Point and Senz ovens and stoves
  • Easy to attach and remove for cleaning

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Telescopic rails in use

Point telescopic rails are useful accessory for ovens and stoves. They make the cooking not only a lot smoother but also safer. Easily attached telescopic rails can be fully pulled out which makes turning, mixing, setting, and removing dishes from the oven smooth. Attaching the rails is simple and removing them when necessary is effortless.

Compatible Point-models:

  • Point PCS60HEZW
  • Point PBI75HSB
  • Point PBI75HSW
  • Point PBI75MPPB
  • Point PBI75MPPW

Compatible Senz-models:

  • Senz SCIS60W23
  • Senz SCS60W23