Point Pro POO30HPBL mini oven with cooking plates
Mini Ovens and Mini Hobs

Minioven with two hotplates with timer function

  • Two cast iron plates
  • Oven capacity: 30 L
  • Maximum power: 2 100 W
  • Oven temperature: 90 - 230°C
  • Timer: 60 min
  • Dimensions: 405 x 575 x 475 mm (HxWxD)

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Point Pro POO30HPBL is an excellent choice for cooking when you limited amount of space. Even though it's compact design this mini oven enables you to cook easily even multiple dishes.


Large 30-liter oven offers capacity for easy preparation of even larger proportions. The temperature is adjustable from 90 to 230 degrees which enables you to cook majority of the dishes. The oven has a fan assisting the even distribution of heat, saving you time and energy.

Cast iron plates

Traditional cast iron plates distribute the heat evenly and gives you excellent cooking results. The diameter of the small plate is 155 mm and the diameter of the large one is 185 mm. You can use for example cookware made from enameled steel, cast steel or stainless steel. Don’t use too large cookware or cookware made from aluminum or copper.


The combined maximum power of oven and plates is 2 100 W. This ensures that you can safely use the mini oven without the risk of overload. The small hotplate power can be set at 300W/400W/700W for boiling or frying. The big hotplate power can in turn be set at 400W/800W/1200W. You can choose either plate depending on the power you need and the diameter of your cookware, or you can use both hotplates at the same time.

Features mini ovens

  • Grill function No
  • Hot Air function No
  • Number of cooking zones 2 items
  • Number of cooking zones that can be expanded items
  • Number of cooking zones with booster function items
  • Steam function No
  • Timer Yes
  • Timer (Hob) No
  • Type of hob Mass plate


  • Primary color Black