Point 7-series POMW7025GB microwave oven
Microwave Ovens - Regular and Integrated

Grill and convection functions make the Point microwave oven a versatile kitchen assistant

  • Power: 900 W
  • Grill and convection functions
  • Capacity: 25 L
  • Plate diameter: 28,8 cm
  • Measurements: 290 x 495 x 435 mm (HxWxD)
  • Timer, quick start, and versatile automatic programs
  • Defrosting function by time or weight
  • Inverter technology – quick heating with less energy

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The Point POMW7025GB microwave oven opens up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of what a microwave oven can do. The oven equipped with inverter technology enables fast and even heating with even less energy. The microwave oven has a 25-liter capacity and includes a practical rotating plate. The diameter of the glass plate is 28,8 cm.

Convection and grill functions plus defrosting based on time or weight

Point's microwave oven is not only great for quickly heating up food. With the defrost function, you can also conveniently defrost frozen food. You can choose defrosting based on the weight of the food, or you can set the desired duration for the defrosting. You also have the choice of grill and convection functions as well as various combination functions that combine grill and convection features with microwaves. The Point microwave oven is like several different ovens in one conveniently compact appliance.

Easy-to-use control panel and child lock function

The microwave oven is controlled with buttons and a knob. The buttons are named and clearly marked so you can easily find the function you want. If you have small children in the family, the microwave oven also has a very convenient lock option. This way the smallest in the family can’t manage to switch on the oven on their own.

Display for power levels, timer, and clock

The microwave oven provides up to 900 watts of microwave power, up to 1000 watts of grill power, and up to 2100 watts of convection power. You can choose the power levels you want for different situations and purposes. In addition to the power, you can also adjust the heating time with the microwave oven’s timer. You can see your chosen times and power levels with white numbers and letters from the oven’s display. Otherwise the display shows the clock and time of day.

Effortless quick start

When you want to warm up food quickly and conveniently, the microwave oven’s quick start function is the answer to your wishes. With it you can start the microwave oven at full power with just one push of a button. By pressing the oven start button again, you can also increase the cooking time. Each push adds 30 seconds to the time. The function is great for busy everyday life.

Ready automatic programs for different foods

In addition to traditional settings, such as power and time adjustments, the microwave oven offers a versatile selection of automatic programs. This way you don't have to ponder which settings are best for different foods. Simply choose the right program and the amount of food, and the microwave oven will take care of the rest.

7 years warranty

We at Point want to offer sustainable quality far into the future. High-quality and long-lasting products lessen the overconsumption of resources as well as offer real peace of mind to their owners. It is because of this that Point offers a seven-year warranty to its large household appliances. You recognize the seven-year warranty from the badge visible on the product page.


  • Display Yes
  • Rotating plate Yes
  • Type of operating Buttons
  • Type of operating Switches
  • Primary color Black

Microwave features

  • Automatic programs Yes
  • Clock Yes
  • Defrosting function Yes
  • Grill function Yes
  • Hot Air function Yes
  • Steam function No
  • Timer Yes

Microwave technical

  • Effect 900 W
  • Form factor 50 cm width
  • Net volume totalt 25 liter
  • Plate size 28.8 cm