Point 5-series POIH5077I4B induction hob

Versatile Point induction hob with flexible cooking zones and useful special functions

  • 80 cm induction hob
  • Frameless
  • Smooth control with slide controls
  • Four cooking zones with a booster function
  • Combinable Flex cooking zones on the left side
  • Timer plus keep warm, melting, and frying settings
  • Child lock and residual heat indicator ensure user safety
  • Installation measurements: 750 x 495 x 60 mm (WxDxH)

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The Point POIH5077I4B induction hob offers a versatile selection of functions for your different cooking needs. A bridge function, timers, booster power level, and special functions – all are easily at your fingertips. This is ensured by the touch and slide controls with which using the induction hob’s many functions becomes astonishingly intuitive. Ease of use without compromises is realized in Point’s induction hob.

Induction technology for efficient and safe heating

The hob based on advanced induction technology is a safe way to prepare food. The induction hob produces heat directly to the bottom of cookware instead of indirectly heating up the glass surface. This way the energy used for heating is used as efficiently as possible. Thanks to pot detection the cooking zones also adapt to the measurements of the cookware placed on them.

Flex cooking zones adapt to large cookware

The induction hob has cooking zones of different sizes and shapes for your different pieces of cookware. The right side has two round cooking zones, the larger one of which has a diameter of 28 cm. The smaller one’s is in turn 14 cm. The hob’s left side in turn has Flex cooking zones where two smaller zones can be combined into one large zone. This way the bridge function enables using larger cookware as well. The hob has room for four pieces of cookware in total.

Grill tray on the induction level.

Powerful cooking zones with a booster function

The induction hob has powerful 4000 and 2000-watt cooking zones. The cooking zones have 15 power levels from which you can choose just the appropriate one according to the food you’re preparing. In addition to these power levels, each cooking zone however also has an especially powerful booster function to choose from. When the function’s maximum time has elapsed, the cooking zone returns to the previously chosen power level.

Steam rises from the boiler.

Versatile special functions make cooking easier

Point’s induction hob complements its selection of basic functions with different special functions. For example, there are settings to choose from for keeping food warm, for melting, and for frying. If you’re in turn boiling water, you can utilize the boiling cue function which reminds you of water boiling.

Timer for switching off cooking zones

The induction hob has a convenient timer that can be used in two different ways. You can choose one or more cooking zones and time them to switch off after a desired amount of time. You can also not choose a cooking zone and let the timer count down from the time you set. When the time is up, no cooking zone is switched off. The maximum time for the timer is 99 minutes.

Pot and cutting board.

Slide controls for controlling power levels and the timer

Controlling the power levels and timers of the cooking zones is like a dance with the induction hob’s slide controls. The controls work with a light touch, so you don’t need to apply pressure on the controls. Use is smooth, fluent, and comfortable.

The person uses the slide control.

Child lock for locking the controls

For families with children, the safety of the home is emphasized, and this includes the kitchen. For this reason, the induction hob has the choice of a convenient child lock function. This way the family’s smallest can’t accidentally change the hob settings.

A finger presses the control panel.

Residual heat indicator brings peace of mind and energy savings

In addition to the child lock, the induction hob also has a residual heat indicator that further increases user safety. When you see which cooking zones are still hot after they’re switched off, you won’t even accidentally burn your fingers or hands. This however isn’t the only user benefit as you can also utilize residual heat to warm food, for example. This way you save energy when you don’t need to keep the cooking zone on all the time.

Hot glass warning.

Point’s products are made to last

When getting a home appliance, it’s important to be able to trust that the product will last in use. That’s why Point’s induction hob has been issued with a seven-year warranty. This way you can prepare food without needlessly worrying about the hob’s functionality.

Feeling image of cooktop with 7 year warranty icon

Cooktop technical

  • Aperature depth 495 mm
  • Aperature width 750 mm
  • Flush mounting No
  • Installation Installation must be performed by an authorized professional


  • Form factor hob 80 cm width
  • Type of operating Touch - Slider
  • Primary color Black

Hob features

  • Bridge function Yes
  • Built in ventilator No
  • Childproof Yes
  • Number of cooking zones 4 items
  • Number of cooking zones with booster function 4 items
  • Timer Yes
  • Type of cooking zones primary Induction
  • Type of hob Induction


  • Electrical Connection 7400 W
  • Voltage 230 V
  • Voltage 400 V