Point 5-Series POHH5080I4B induction hob with hood

Point induction hob with automatic cooker hood and machine-washable grease filter

  • 80 cm induction hob with cooker hood
  • Frameless, can be flush mounted
  • Effect: 327–518 m³/h, intensive mode 645 m³/h
  • Power Booster function
  • Effortless slider touch controls and automatic hood function
  • Combinable Flex cooking zones on both sides
  • Child lock and residual heat indicator ensure user safety
  • Installation measurements: 750/804 x 490/524 x 230 mm (WxDxH)

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Point POHH5080I4B is an elegantly designed induction hob with a cooker hood. The cooker hood filters and removes unpleasant odors from the room air directly into the flue or by recirculating the air back into the room. With an effective suction power of 645 m³/h, the cooker hood removes even the most stubborn particles from the air. Thanks to the versatile induction hob, you free up space in your kitchen without compromising clean room air.

Powerful cooking zones with a booster function

The induction hob has four powerful cooking zones. Each cooking zone has fifteen power levels that you can choose just the appropriate one from according to the food you’re preparing. In addition to these power levels, each cooking zone however also has an especially powerful booster function to choose from. When the function’s maximum time has elapsed, the cooking zone either switches to power level 15 or then returns to the previously chosen power level if one has been chosen.

Flex cooking zones that adapt to large cookware

The induction hob has large square-shaped cooking zones. The hob has room for four pieces of cookware in total. If you however want to utilize larger cookware, such as a grill plate, this is possible thanks to the convenient bridge function. On both sides of the hob there are Flex cooking zones where two smaller zones can be combined into one large zone.

Functions that promote kitchen safety

The induction hob is designed to ensure your safety in the kitchen. If no dishes are placed on the hotplate or its temperature does not change for a long time, it will automatically turn off. In addition, the residual heat indicator warns of hot surfaces, preventing damage. You can also use the timer function, which turns off the hotplate after the desired time.

Child lock for locking the controls

For families with children, the safety of the home is emphasized, and this includes the kitchen. For this reason, the induction hob has the choice of a convenient child lock function. This way the family’s smallest can’t accidentally change the hob settings.

Automatic power control of the cooker hood

The induction hob and the cooker hood communicate with each other, so you don't have to adjust the suction power yourself. The cooker hood follows the hob settings and automatically adjusts its power based on them. After cooking, you also don't have to remember to switch off the cooker hood.

Machine washable grease filter for cleaner room air

A high-quality grease filter is machine washable so that its filtering power can easily be kept to the maximum. It's easy to remember to change active carbon filters regularly thanks to the replacement reminder. The change reminder reminds you every six months to change and clean the filters.

7 years warranty

We at Point want to offer sustainable quality far into the future. High-quality and long-lasting products lessen the overconsumption of resources as well as offer real peace of mind to their owners. It is because of this that Point offers a seven-year warranty to its large household appliances. You recognize the seven-year warranty from the badge visible on the product page.

Cooktop technical

  • Aperature depth 490 mm
  • Aperature height 230 mm
  • Aperature width 750 mm
  • Flush mounting Yes
  • Installation Installation must be performed by an authorized professional


  • Form factor hob 80 cm width
  • Type of operating Touch - Slider
  • Material Glass
  • Primary color -

Energy label hood

  • Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 31 Kilowatt hours
  • Energy class A
  • Fluid Dynamic Effect A
  • Grease Filtering efficiency C
  • Lighting efficiency No value
  • Noise Level (dB) 65 dBA

Features hood

  • Activated carbon filter Yes, included in package
  • Automatic power control Yes
  • Automatically disconnect Yes
  • Filter indicator Yes
  • Number of speed settings 4 items
  • Roof ventilator No
  • Washable grease filter Yes

Hob features

  • Automatic hood activation Yes
  • Automatically disconnect Yes
  • Bridge function Yes
  • Built in ventilator Yes
  • Childproof Yes
  • Number of cooking zones 4 items
  • Number of cooking zones with booster function 4 items
  • Number of cooking zones with flexi function 2 items
  • Overheating security Yes
  • Timer Yes
  • Type of hob Induction


  • Cable/plug Cable included - plug not included
  • Electrical Connection 7400 W
  • Voltage 230 V
  • Voltage 400 V

Smart home

  • Smart home control None

Technical hood

  • brushless motor No
  • Filter compatibility Point POMAHWHCF
  • Installation guideline Ducted, standard installation kit is included
  • Installation guideline Recirculating, standard installation kit and filter are included
  • Maximum airflow: 645 Cubic meter/Hour
  • Minimum airflow 327 Cubic meter/Hour
  • Number of engines 1 items
  • Type of ventilator (2) Combined