Point POCFBASK200 chest freezer basket
Accessories for Fridges and Freezers

Chest freezer basket from Point makes organizing frozen food items inside the freezer easier

  • Chest freezer basket
  • For Point POCF30200DW freezer
  • Measurements: 198 x 185 x 455 mm (HxWxD)
  • For convenient storage of small frozen food items
  • Makes organizing frozen food items easier
  • Frozen food items you need often are better within your reach

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Point POCFBASK200 is a convenient chest freezer basket that helps keep small frozen food items in better order. This way they’re not pointlessly lying all over the place inside the freezer but are instead always easily within your reach. The basket is also especially convenient for storing products you need often. The basket is meant for use in Point’s POCF30200DW model chest freezer.


  • Primary color White