Point 3-series POWM3A814 washer
Washing Machines

Point washer with durable inverter motor and versatile washing programs

  • Allergy program with steam
  • 8 kg washing capacity
  • Spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Durable and silent inverter-motor
  • 15 versatile washing programs for various textiles
  • Stylish digital control panel with residual washing time display
  • Drum cleaning program
  • Child lock for control panel

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Point POWM3A814 is a great choice for small to medium sized households with its 8 kilos capacity. Quality inverter motor offers modern performance to wash while versatile washing programs enable optimal wash for different garments. With steam powered programs and extra rinse function this machine is a great fit for those suffering allergies or having small children in the family too.

Inverter motor

Energy-efficient, durable, and silent inverter motor is a modern choice that offers long-lasting performance to laundering for time to come.

Control panel with remaining time display

On the control panel with an LED display you can easily follow the program duration and chosen functions. The control panel has a knob for selecting programs as well as touch buttons for functions. You can, for example, adjust the program temperature, add extra functions to wash, or adjust the machine’s spin speed which can be set all the way to 1400 rpm. For the needs of families with children, there’s also a child lock function for the control panel.

Versatile program selection to all your needs

Wash all your textiles optimally in suitable washing program. From versatile selection of 15 programs, you’ll find the fit from super-fast quick program to special program to keep your woolen garments in great shape. You can choose from following programs:

  • Eco 40–60
  • Cotton
  • Synthetics
  • Mix
  • Wool
  • Quick 15’
  • Rinse and spin
  • Spin only
  • Allergy steam
  • Baby wear steam
  • Dark wash
  • Sportswear
  • Down
  • 20 °C
  • Drum clean

With additional functions you can tailor the wash to your needs

You can add pre-wash, intensive-wash, extra rinse or schedule the washer to start later. Pre-wash and intensive setting come handy with dirty or stained garments. Extra rinse ensures even better rinsing and therefore is most useful for users with allergies, sensitive skin or with small children. With a timer you can schedule the washing up to 24 hours.

Drum cleaning program

With a specific drum cleaning program, you can keep your washer clean and hygienic. It is a program designed for maintenance of the washer itself. It uses high 95 °C temperature. To ensure your washers performance and to keep it fresh, use the drum clean program regularly.

Favorite function

You can set your favorite program with preference settings for the favorite-function. This makes starting your most used program simple and effortless.

7 years warranty

We at Point want to offer sustainable quality far into the future. High-quality and long-lasting products lessen the overconsumption of resources as well as offer real peace of mind to their owners. It is because of this that Point offers a seven-year warranty to its large household appliances. You recognize the seven-year warranty from the badge visible on the product page.

Design washing machines

  • Display Yes
  • Indicator when finished Yes
  • Time remaining indicator Yes
  • Type of operating Switches
  • Type of operating Touch


  • Secondary colors Black
  • Primary color White

Energy label washer

  • (Spin) Drying Class B
  • Duration of eco 40-60 program 206 minute
  • Energy class A
  • EPREL product ID 1580431
  • New energy label Yes
  • Noise emission class A
  • Noise Level Spin (dB) 72 dBA
  • Rated capacity for the eco 40-60 program (kg) 8 Kilogram
  • Weighted energy consumption (KWh/100 cycles) 47 Kilowatt hours
  • Weighted water consumption by washing cycle (liters) 42 liter

Installation method

  • Ajustable feet Yes
  • Built in No
  • Door hinges Left
  • Type of assembly Freestanding
  • Type of integration Not integrated

Washing machines features

  • Amount automation Yes
  • Automatic dosage No
  • brushless motor Yes
  • Childproof Yes
  • Delayed start Yes
  • Drum light No
  • Maximum postponed start 24 Hours
  • Wi-Fi No

Washing machines programs

  • Allergy program Yes
  • Drum cleaning program Yes
  • Number of programs 15 items
  • Programme for duvets: Yes
  • Programme for gentle wash No
  • Programme for outdoor No
  • Programme for silk No
  • Programme for training clothes Yes
  • Programme for woollens Yes
  • Refresh program No
  • Silent program No
  • Speedprogram Yes
  • Steam function No
  • Steam program No

Washing machines technical features

  • Drum capacity 54 liter
  • Maximum capacity (Kg) 8 Kilogram
  • Maximum spin speed 1400
  • temperature alternatives 20 °C
  • temperature alternatives 30 °C
  • temperature alternatives 40 °C
  • temperature alternatives 60 °C
  • temperature alternatives 95 °C