Point Washing Bag 3 pack
Laundry Accessories

In washing bags, you can wash sensitive textiles without worrying that they will be damaged

  • For fragile textiles
  • Three bags for different sized garments
  • Zipper holder
  • Sizes of the bags: one big bag 50 x 40 cm, two smaller bags 40 x 30 cm
  • Material of the bags: polyester

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From Point’s Home&Care Collection series you can find versatile selection of useful accessories for home appliances. Washing bags are useful accessory for laundering. Package includes three washing bags for different sized textiles.

Wash even the fragile garments without worry

In the washing bag you can wash the textiles that could be damaged in wash. It is perfect for garments with sequins, rivets or large prints. You can also protect other textiles by washing garments with for example zippers in the washing bag. This way they don’t get tangled or cause tear offs to other textiles. Washing bag is also very handy when washing for example shoes, bras, or stuffed toys.

Washing bags on the bathroom floor

Using washing bags

Using the washing bags is easy way to protect textiles in wash. You just put the garment into the washing bag and zip the bag. There is a handy holder where the zipper will stay during the wash so that it doesn’t wear off the other textiles or hit the drum in the wash.

Washing bags filled


  • Primary color White