Point Tension Band 2 X 16-27mm
Laundry Accessories

High-quality tension bands for making reliable connections

  • 2 tension bands
  • Measurements: 16-27 mm
  • Easily adjustable tightness
  • Make reliable and tight connections

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From Point’s Home & Care Collection you’ll find what you need for home appliance installations that ensure a carefree everyday life. The Point tension band which is part of the series helps secure a water hose firmly to a tap, for example.

High-quality tension bands aka clamp clips are an essential accessory when you want to avoid leaks. The package has two tension bands with which you can tighten connections. This way you get peace of mind and can trust the connection secured by the clamp clips without worries. The measurements of the tension bands are 16-27 mm and their tightness can be adjusted right according to your needs.


  • Primary color Steel