Point POHS10PRO Handheld Steamer, blue
Flat Irons and Garment Steamers

With the handheld steamer, you can easily iron clothes without an ironing board

  • Power 1600 W
  • Steam output 18-28 g/min
  • Operating time 13-18 min
  • Two steam settings and a lock button for continuous steam
  • Aluminum heating plate with ceramic coating
  • Power cord length 1,8 m
  • Water tank volume 250 ml
  • Automatic shut-off and overheat protection

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With the efficient and convenient Point POHS10PRO clothes steamer, smoothing wrinkles on clothes is easy and effortless. It is an excellent tool to make your clothes wrinkle-free in an instant, both at home and when traveling.

Person holding the steamer in the air in front of the marbel patterned back ground

Easy and fast

The absolute advantage of the steamer is its quick availability and it does not require a space-consuming ironing board at all. With the steamer, clothes can be ironed directly from the hangers. In addition to the rapid warm-up, the smoothing itself is fast, as it only takes a couple of minutes. The clothes steamer is ideal for all types of fibers and fabrics. It makes ironing even the most sensitive fibers, such as silk, easy and safe.

Person holding the steamer in the air and pushing the buttons in front of the white shirt

Compact size

Thanks to its size, the clothes steamer is easy to store both at home and when traveling. Especially in homes where space is limited, a steamer is an excellent aid as it goes into a small space and does not take up space even during use. You can also carefree pack your easily wrinkled favorite clothes with you on the trip, as you can easily get them presentable with the help of a clothes steamer.

Neutralizes odors

In addition to using steam to make your clothes smooth, the steam effectively neutralizes odors stuck in your clothes. With the help of steam, you can easily remove stale odors from your little-used clothes without washing, so you can always wear fresh clothes.

Man using steamer to white shirt and steaming towards the viewer

Efficient steam production

Thanks to the powerful 1600 W resistor, the clothes steamer heats up quickly and ensures a steady steam output of up to 28 g/min. Thanks to the steady steam output, you can easily make your clothes wrinkle-free.

Long power cord

Thanks to the handy 1,8-meter power cord, the device has a long dimension that makes it easy and comfortable to use.

Spacious 250 ml water tank

The removable water tank of the steamer can hold up to 250 ml of water. It’s just right amount so you can iron a lot of clothes at once, and you don’t have to constantly fill the tank. At the same time, however, the compact water tank ensures that the appliance can be operated with one hand easily and without strain to the wrist. With one tank of water you iron your clothes for about 13-18 minutes.

Close up of person holding the steamer in the air next to a white shirt

Versatile safety functions

The device has a built-in automatic power off, which means you don't have to worry about forgetting it on when you leave home in a hurry in your freshly ironed clothes. If the water tank becomes empty, the appliance will stop pumping water automatically and will stop heating after 45 seconds if the water tank has not been refilled. In addition, the steamer is equipped with overheating protection.

Steam iron features

  • Automatically disconnect Yes
  • Cordless No
  • Variable steam Yes
  • Vertical steam Yes

Steam iron technical

  • Cable length 1.8 meter
  • Continuous steam production 28 g/min
  • Water container capacity_liter .25 liter


  • Primary color Blue