Flat Irons and Garment Steamers

With a hand-held garment steamer, you save time and effort

  • Power 1500 W
  • Heats up in 45 seconds
  • Steam output 11-25 g/min
  • Ergonomic design
  • Power cord: 3 m
  • Water tank: 260 ml
  • Auto Power Off
  • Brush accessory

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Point POHS06 is a compact and easy to use garment steamer. With an efficient and convenient steamer, smoothing the creases of your clothes is easy and effortless. It is an excellent tool to get your clothes instantly ironed at home and on the go.

Close up of the man steaming the red shirt

Easy and fast

The absolute advantage of a garment steamer is that it is quick to use and does not require bulky ironing board. With the steamer, the clothes can be ironed directly from the hangers. In addition to quick warming, the ironing itself is really fast, as it only takes a couple of minutes. The garment staeamer is ideal for all kinds of clothes and fabrics. It also makes it easy and safe to iron even the most sensitive fibers, such as silk.

Close up of the man steaming the white shirt

Compact size

Due to its small size, the garment evaporator is easy to store at home and take with you while traveling. Especially in homes where space is limited, the evaporator is an excellent tool as it goes into a small space and does not take up space during use. You can also safely pack your favorite clothes when travelling without need to worry about the creases. You can now get them in perfect condition with the steamer!

Neutralizes odors

The steam smooths your clothes, but it also effectively neutralized smells from clothing. With steam, you can easily remove stubborn odors without washing, so you can always wear fresh clothes.

Man steaming the red shirt

Efficient steam production

Thanks to the very powerful 1 500 W resistor, the garment evaporator heats up quickly and guarantees even steam output up to 25 g/min. With even steam, you can easily get your clothes crease-free.

Long power cord

The device's power cord is 3 meters long, so it has a great dimension. A particularly long power cord makes it easy and comfortable to use the steamer.

Removable water tank

The steamers large water tank can hold up to 260 ml of water. It's just right for you to iron a lot of clothes at once, and you don't have to constantly fill the tank. At the same time, the compact water tank ensures that you can operate with one hand easily and without strain.

Safe to use

The device has built-in automatic shut-off, so you don't have to worry about when you left home in a hurry wearing your just ironed clothes.

Man steaming the white shirt and smiling


  • Material Plastic
  • Material Steel
  • Primary color Black

Steam iron features

  • Cordless No
  • Variable steam Yes
  • Vertical steam Yes

Steam iron technical

  • Cable length 3 meter
  • Cable switch No
  • Concentrated steam production 18 g/min
  • Effect 1500 W
  • Water container capacity_milliliter 250 milliliter