Point POHS05 Handheld Garment steamer
Flat Irons and Garment Steamers

Handheld garment steamer for easy and fast smoothing of your cloths

  • Power 1000 W
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Steam output 15 g/min
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Power cord 2,4 m
  • Water tank 80 ml
  • Automatic shut-off

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Point POHS05 is a compact and easy to use steamer. With a light steamer, you can smooth wrinkles from clothes with unprecedented ease and speed. With this device you can get your clothes wrinkle free instantly at home and on the go.


Easy and quick ironing of clothes

Clothes steamer heats up quickly and is ready for use instantly. You don't need a bulky ironing board at all, you can hang your clothes on a hanger and start ironing right away. In addition to the rapid warming up of the unit, smoothing itself is quick and takes no more time than a couple of minutes.


Also suitable for more sensitive fabrics

Steamer is ideal for all types of clothing fibers thanks to its two different steam settings. The device makes smoothing even the most sensitive fibers, such as silk, easy and safe.


Compact size

Steamers small size makes it easy to store at home and is also easy to carry around. Especially in smaller homes, storage space is often limited, making the steamer an excellent choice. The device goes into a small space and does not take up much space even during use.


Easy to carry when traveling

A small steamer can easily fit for example in a suitcase. Now you can also bring with you in the holiday your favorite but wrinkled clothes, as you can effortlessly get them presentable by using the steamer.


Neutralizes unpleasant odors

Steam helps to get your clothes smooth, but it also effectively neutralizes the odors that are trapped in your clothes. Steam helps easily remove stale odors from little used clothes without unnecessary washing. It will always keep your clothes fresh and comfortable to wear.


Efficient steam production

Thanks to the efficient 1 000 W resistor, the steamer heats up quickly and guarantees a steady steam output of 15 g/min. Thanks to the steady flow of steam, you can easily and quickly get your clothes completely without wrinkles.


Long power cord

Steamer is equipped with a 2,4 m long power cord. The long reach makes using and handling the device a pleasure. Plug in the cord, hang your clothes on a hanger in where you like, and start steaming!


Always safe to use

Steamer has a built-in automatic switch-off, which always ensures safe operation. You can be completely worry-free, even if you iron your clothes at the last minute and forget to turn off your device when you leave home.



  • Material Plastic
  • Primary color Black

Steam iron features

  • Variable steam No
  • Vertical steam Yes

Steam iron technical

  • Cable length 2.5 meter
  • Cable switch No
  • Concentrated steam production 15 g/min
  • Effect 1000 W
  • Water container capacity_milliliter 80 milliliter