Point PogC21WH Steam iron
Flat Irons and Garment Steamers

Point iron has functions for automatic power off and anti calc

  • Steam output: 20 g/min
  • Double ceramic base coating
  • Auto Power Off
  • Anti calc
  • Vertical steam function
  • Power: 2 200 W
  • Cord length: 1,9 m
  • Water tank volume: 260 ml

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High-quality Point POGC21WH iron provides an excellent ironing experience thanks to its comprehensive features. The iron includes an anti-drip, anti calc and automatic shut-off.

Efficient ironing

The iron heats up quickly and produces 20 g/min of continuous steam. So you iron your clothes fast and efficiently and you don't waste any time for waiting or for slow ironing.

Vertical steam function

Vertical steam production allows easy and safe ironing for sensitive garments. You don't have to worry about burning the most sensitive fabrics when you can iron them with steam only.

Ceramic coating on soleplate

The soleplate of the iron is equipped with a double ceramic coating that glides smoothly on the fabric and ensures gentle handling for all garments. The special design of the plate makes it easy to work accurately and smooth the tough wrinkles.

Auto Power Off

The safe iron has an automatic shut-off that protects your home if you accidentally forget to shut down the iron.

Spacious water tank

Irons water tank can hold up to 260 ml of water at a time, so you don't have to constantly fill it up during ironing. Despite this, the iron is light and easy to handle.

Long power cord

With a 1,9 m power cord, you no longer need to iron next to the power outlet, and you get more space for working more freely.


  • Material Aluminum
  • Material Plastic
  • Secondary colors White
  • Primary color White

Steam iron features

  • Automatically disconnect Yes
  • Cordless No
  • Detachable cable No
  • Drip stop Yes
  • Self cleaner Yes
  • Type of anti coating system Lime system
  • Variable steam Yes
  • Water container Yes

Steam iron technical

  • Cable length 1.9 meter
  • Cable reeling No
  • Cable switch No
  • Concentrated steam production 30 g/min
  • Continuous steam production 30 g/min
  • Effect 2200 W
  • Water container capacity_milliliter 300 milliliter