Patio heaters and Accessories

White hanging patior heater for easy extra warmth

  • Power: 600 W
  • Heating element: Halogen tube
  • Waterproof: IP34
  • One heat setting
  • 0.5 m chain for hanging

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Point SEPH06H1 is a white 600-watt hanging patio heater. The easy-to-use patio heater can be easily hanged from the ceiling with the provided 0.5-meter chain. The appliance is extremely easy to use, as there are no temperature settings – just turn it on. Heating with the patio heater is safe with the single halogen tube and with IP34 waterproofing. This allows carefree enjoying of the safe and easy extra warmth provided by the patio heater.

Patio heater hanging from the roof of the balcony

5 year warranty

We at Point want to offer sustainable quality far into the future. High-quality and long-lasting products lessen the overconsumption of resources as well as offer real peace of mind to their owners. It is because of this that Point offers a five-year warranty to its small household appliances. You recognize the five-year warranty from the badge visible on the product page.


  • Material Steel
  • Primary color Silver

Patio heaters technical

  • Ajustable temperature No
  • Attaches to Ceiling
  • Effect 600 W
  • Heating method Infrared
  • IP-classification IP34
  • Remote control included No


  • Download manual 1: here
  • Download manual 2: here
  • Download manual 3: here
  • Download manual 4: here
  • Download manual 5: here