Air Quality

The light from the smart air purifier changes color according to the air quality

  • Suitable for rooms up to 60 m²
  • UV-C light and ionization
  • HEPA 11 filter and carbon coated pre-filter
  • CADR 500 m³/h (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
  • 360° air inlets on the sides
  • Four fan speeds and timer 2/4/6/8 h
  • Night mode, night light and child lock
  • DC motor with power of 55 W

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The efficient Point Pro POPAP6010 air purifier is suitable for large rooms with a size of ​​35-60 m². The air purifier is equipped with a HEPA 11 filter, which filters harmful particles such as allergens, bacteria, odors, gases and pollen from the indoor air. The double filtration system ensures that the room air is always clean and safe to breathe.

Effective air cleaning

The air cleaning efficiency of the device is based on UV-C light and ionization. The DC motor of the air purifier has a power of 55 watts and a sound level of less than 60 dB(A). The device's CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is 500 m³/h, which means it cleans room air of small particles up to 500 cubic meters per hour.

Air inlets in all directions

Thanks to the 360​​° air openings on all sides of the device, the air purifier can be easily placed in a central place in the room, from where it cleans the air in the room evenly and throughout.

Easy to use

The air cleaner is equipped with buttons that allow you to easily adjust its functions. In addition, the device has three-color mood lighting. The air quality sensor and indicator tell you what the prevailing air quality is. The air purifier also notifies you when the filter should be replaced. This makes maintenance of the device easy and maintains its performance and always guarantees the best possible filtration result.

Versatile functions

There are four different fan speeds to choose from to best suit each situation. In addition, you can choose between two ready-made programs. Automatic mode takes care of the air quality in your home for you. The night mode and light are activated in night time. Adjustable functions allow you to use the air purifier quieter at the night time and increase efficiency again during the day.

Practical timer

In addition, the air purifier has an adjustable timer for up to eight hours. The available timing options are 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours. The timer allows you to set the air cleaner to start cleaning just when you want and need it. For example, you can schedule the device to turn on when you get home from work, so you can always enjoy the clean indoor air in your home.

Indoor air features

  • Recommended floor space 60 square meter


  • Primary color White