Point Pro POAC8112 air conditioner
Air conditioners and Air Coolers

Quiet air conditioner

  • For room size up to 23 m², sound level 65 dB
  • Cooling capacity 12 000 BTU
  • Power 3 520 W
  • Four functions and three speed settings
  • Equipped with 24 h timer and sleep function
  • Control with digital LED display or remote control
  • Intelligent defrosting and washable air filter
  • Needs a vent hose in order to function

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Portable Point Pro POAC8112 air conditioner is a great choice when it comes to cooling your home. In addition to cooling, this versatile air conditioner can be used for ventilation and dehumidification the room air. You'll get the most out of a hot summer by resting and relaxing in the comfortable, cool environment thanks to Point Pro air conditioner.

Effective cooling in big rooms

Air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 12 000 BTU in hour, so you can easily cool rooms up to 23 m². You can choose from three different speed settings: high, medium and low. Cooling, heating, ventilation or dehumidification can also be selected with different programs. Air conditioner has a cooling power of 3 520 W.

Sleep function ensures a comfortable night's sleep

With comfortable sleep mode, you can enjoy the fresh, cool air in the bedroom during sleeping. The unit's sleep function ensures that the bedroom temperature remains comfortable while you sleep.

Control of the unit

The air conditioner has a variety of functions to choose from, including three speed settings, a 24-hour timer and the right temperature control. All functions are easily controlled with a LED display on the device with simple buttons for various functions.

Wireless control with remote control

Operating the air conditioner is even easier with the supplied remote control.

Easy to move around

With four wheels on the air conditioner, you can easily move it to the place where it is most needed. With its stylish white design, the Point Pro air conditioner blends seamlessly into your home interior.

Extraction of hot air

The hot air produced by the air conditioner and the humidity supplied by it are controlled by the enclosed pipe and adapters, which can be positioned to pass through a window or balcony door. The air filter behind the unit is washable and replaceable as required.

Energy label ventilation doublesingleduct reversible

  • Coefficient of Performance 2.4
  • Cooling Energy Class A
  • Design Load Cooling (kW) 3.5 Kilowatt
  • EL Design Load Heating (kW) 2.7 Kilowatt
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio 2.6
  • Heating Energy Class A
  • Hourly energy consumption cooling 1.4 kWh/60min
  • Hourly energy consumption heating 1.1 kWh/60min
  • Noice Level (dB) 65 dBA

Gas Information

  • Gas weight (kg) .25 Kilogram
  • HFK type R-290

Indoor air features

  • Ajustable temperature Yes
  • Display Yes
  • Remote control included Yes

Indoor air technical

  • Automatic programs Yes
  • Speed adjustment Yes
  • Timer Yes


  • Primary color White