Point Topclean Kit topcl+scraper+blade
Oven and Hob Accessories

Perfect set for hobs cleaning

  • For ceramic and induction hobs
  • Removes stains powerfully
  • Non-scratching
  • Leaves protective coating and shiny finish to hob
  • Includes cleaning cream 250 ml, hob scraper and 5 pcs spare blades

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From Point's Home&Care Collection series you can find versatile selection of useful accessories for home appliances. Hob cleaning kit includes everything you need to clean the hob.

Removes dirt and grease stains effectively

This specially for hobs created cleanser removes burnt stains and smutches effectively. It gives the hob clean and shiny finish. It also leaves protective film to the hob that makes it easier to clean in the future.

Cleaning the hob

Let the hob cool down and start the cleaning only after it is completely cooled down. Besides the hob cleaning cream, you will need two soft clean cloths like microfiber cloths. Use metal scraper for burnt and grimed stains.

How to use:

  1. Use firstly a metal scraper to clean the surface and remove bigger particles of burned food etc.
  2. Add then a thin layer of the Hob cleaner cream solution (about 15-20ml) to the surface, where it is recommended to use a soft towel or a microfiber cloth to distribute the solution to the full plate.
  3. Let the Hob cleaner cream take effect in a few minutes, after which the scraper can be use again if necessary – and then use the cloth to carefully wipe the surface clean. Once the cleaning solution has been wiped off, it is a good idea to take another cloth and do a final dry polish of the surface.
  4. In case of the plates is still dirty, repeat the procedure until a clean result has been reached.

NB! Do not use any metal covered sponge or other aggressive solutions, only use the hob cleaner cream, a metal scraper and a soft cloth.

Hazard infromation

  • Hazard signal word Warning
  • H-code H319 - Causes serious eye irritation
  • INCI ingredient list Amides, C8-18 and C18unsatd., N,N-bis(hydroxyethyl) 68155-07-7
  • INCI ingredient list Sodium Laureth sulfate 68891-38-3


  • Primary color Steel